Our existing definition of social infrastructure, as our relationship to space is shifting from physical to digital, must translate to an intentionally playful and experimental digital infrastructure. Through analyzing the design and formal qualities of open spaces for play, this thesis project examines materiality, abstract form, openness, and comfort in order to propose guidelines for the design of digital playscapes. This parallel exploration between physical and digital playscapes defines the formal qualities of these spaces while allowing for freedom and experimentation of its users within these designed systems.


A set of 5 play pillows were designed and constructed to examine physical relationships between play and form and texture. These forms were inspired by organic and bodily forms to provide familarity and comfort.

The forms and materials used in the play pillows informed the design of other elements of this project. The play pillows are accompanied by a 7ft x 7ft quilt that is decorated with textural elements and words from the Play Manifesto. 


Previously planned for the Spring of 2020, the Play Date Event is postponed until it is safe for a small group to gather. The Play Date Event will be hosting in a park and will be open to all ages. The participants will have the opportunity to play with the Play Pillows and to contribute to the Manifesto Quilt.

Posters, Invitations, and Guide to Hosting Manual were designed for this postponed Play Date Event.


The playscapes website explores tactility and interactivity in a digital space through moveable elements, hyperlinks, and a mix between 3D, 2D, and physical objects.

Thank you for viewing my thesis project, Playscapes. I would love to hear your thoughts and critique on this project.

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