PRATTONIA 2020 is a student designed publication that celebrates the graduating students at Pratt Institute by combining and intermixing the spaces of Pratt Institute with its ever-evolving community both within and outside the Institute’s gates.

Prattonia 2020 explores the inside, outside, and transitional moments of individuals at Pratt. On the inside, we connect through shared interactions, and on the outside, we interact and engage with the world. Through looking in and out simultaneously, this yearbook bridges and blurs the boundaries between the communities that define Pratt Institute.

Outside <---------------------------> Inside <---------------------------> Outside

You can view the whole book on ISSUU.

Prattonia 2020 manifests through eight different variations in the covers. The colors chosen for the eight covers transition from dark, cool colors to warm, bright colors. When all 8 books are present and ordered properly, they resemble the colors of the sky during a rising or setting sun. This dusk/dawn color palette is prevalent throughout the books in the form of interior color spreads representing the transition this book marks in the lives of its audience. From embarking on our educations at Pratt, to becoming graduates, and from the memories and transformations during our time here, to the continuing pursuit of our careers in our larger communities, this book’s purpose is to hold memories for sentimental reflection. It was our intention that the design of the covers represented this by allowing each student to be able to select a book that reflected themselves and their time at Pratt.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, students will not have the ability to select the cover of their choosing and random covers will be sent out to students. Womp womp.


Over the course of this year, Prattonia has been a reason to meet 550 of our peers, a stressor that has taken hours of our lives, a reason form new connections and reinforce old ones, an archive that persisted despite the chaos of 2020 (as it’s designers were spread across the country), a social experiment, but most of all it has been a humble group project that started in a coffee shop in Brooklyn, and turned into a book that will travel the world to reach its intended audience.

On March 17th 2020, Prattonia was sent to print 1,000 copies at Highroad Press.

On April 29th 2020, 600 more copies started printing at Highroad Press in order that every student graduating from Pratt Institute may be sent a copy via the mail.

On June 25th 2020, 1600 copies of Prattonia were sent to the graduates of Pratt Institute’s Class of 2020 around the world.


The Prattonia 2020 team (to themselves, Prat20ia) was and continues to be a group of four students, friends and designers whose distinct voices can be found throughout the book. One favors the repetition of words, often filling a page with these ‘graphic elements’. Another adores and uses the color pink to add warmth to a page, something the team agrees suits them. The third is known for their meticulous use of grids and is also partial to the organizational use of a spreadsheet. And the last uses gradients so gratuitously they cannot even see a page with flat color. Together as students they faced their graduating year with gusto and pizzazz. Together as friends they shared laughter, drinks and tall tales to unwind. And together as designers, they worked tirelessly to make a book for their community at large.

Thanks for viewing
<3 Shelby, Alistair, Ava, and Maria